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Professer Clay Fermin is a character from Bakugan and was the former vestal royal scientist and father of Keith Fermin and Mira Grit.

Personal info Edit

Gender: Male

Race: Vestal

Age: 40's

Status: Deceased

Birthplace: Vestal

Hair color: Pink

Eye color: Sky blue

Skin color: Pale

Blood type: O-

Occupation: Royal Scientist


Vestal Royal Family



Keith Fermin (son)

Alyson Fermin (daughter-in-law)

Mira Grit (daughter)

Ace Grit (son-in-law)

Aaron Fermin (grandson)

Roxanne Shimizu (granddaughter-in-law)

Aiden Fermin (great-grandson)

Lily Fermin (granddaughter)

Jade Fermin (granddaughter)

Blades Grit (grandson)

Cory Grit (great-grandson)

Diana Grit (great-granddaughter)

Kasumi Grit (granddaughter)

Alain Grit (grandson)

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