Fermin D. Zyra

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Deserter Zyra

Fermin D. Zyra is the daughter of Risa Yukino-Fermin and Wolf D. Prowl, and the younger sister of Fermin D. Rolo, as well as the half-sister of Aaron Fermin. She is the captain of the Golden Flower Pirates.

Personal info Edit

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Human, Half-Vestal

Age: 15

Birthplace: New world, One Piece world

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Turquoise

Skin color: Peach

Blood type: B-


Marine (formerly)

Pirate Captain


World Government (formerly)

Marines (formerly)

Golden Flower Pirates

Straw Hat Pirates


Golden Flower Pirates

Straw Hat Pirates


Risa Yukino (mother)

Wolf D. Prowl (father)

Kibom (husband)

Fermin D. Kenta (son)

Fermin D. Kumi (daughter)

Fermin D. Rolo (brother)

Fermin D. Isao (nephew)

Aaron Fermin (maternal half-brother)

Roxanne Shimizu (sister-in-law)

Aiden Fermin (nephew)

Skill Set:

Haoshoku Haki

Kenbunshoku Haki

Busoshoku Haki

Bounty: 40,000,000 Berri

Appearance Edit

Zyra is a young teen with long brown hair, peach skin, and turquoise eyes that are vestal in appearance, due to mostly taking after her mother. Her clothing tends to vary, but she usually wears a red shirt, blue jeans, and lavender boots that have a yellow stripe on each.

Personality Edit

Zyra is a bit of a hyper, yet, highly intelligent young girl who is very curious about her vestal heritage, having never met another full blood vestal besides her mother until she met her older half-brother. At first Aaron didn't want to have much to do with her, but over time, their relationship improved and they became very close, and she eventually decided to leave the marines and become a pirate. Like most D's, she doesn't seem to know the meaning of her middle initial, but she wants to try and discover the answer. She also becomes a strong ally of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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