Floria Kazami

Princess Floria

Floria Sheen-Kazami

Floria Kazami is a chūnin level kunoichi from konoha's Kazami clan. She is the daughter of Shun Kazami and Fabia Sheen. They named her after the prime minister of gundalia: Nurzak's, daughter. She is the crown princess of neathia.

Personal infoEdit

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Human, Half-Neathian

Age: 14

Birthplace: Earth

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Green

Skin color:

Peach (human form)

Purple with a pink tint (neathian form)

Blood type: B

Nationality: Japanese

Kekkei Genkai:

Antimatter Release

Blood Release


Spacial Release

Temporal Release

Classification: Sensor type

Occupation: Princess of neathia


Bakugan Battle Brawlers




Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Castle Knights

Team Inudara


Kazami clan

Uchiha clan

Attribute(s) used by this brawler: Ventus and Subterra

Ninja Rank:

The Last: Genin

Boruto: Chūnin

Bakugan world rank: 20th place


Haruma Kazami *real name: Haruma Uchiha* (great-grandfather)

Asura Uchiha (grandfather)

Shiori Kazami (grandmother)

Shun Kazami (father)

Fabia Sheen (mother)

Serena Sheen (maternal aunt)

Juliet Glenn (sister-in-law)

Fuyuki Kazami-Glenn (nephew)

Rin Kazami (sister)

Fenikkusu Kazami (brother)

Jin Kazami (brother)

Obito Uchiha (godfather)

Skyress (bakugan partner)

Sabator (bakugan partner)

Nature type:

Wind Release (affinity)

Fire Release

Lightning Release

Antimatter Release


Antimatter style: Dark Incineration

Antimatter style: Antimatter Shuriken Storm

Antimatter style: Antimatter Kunai Tornado

Chakra Enhanced Strength


Fire style: Fireball Jutsu

Fire style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu

Healing Blood

Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Summoning Tattoo (Clan summon: Phoenix)

Uchiha Flame Formation

Wind style: Kazami Uchiha Firestorm


Explosive Tag


Flack Jacket

Flash Bomb

Forehead Protector

Fūma Shuriken

Grapple Hook





Smoke Bomb

Wire Strings

Appearance Edit

In her human form, Floria has peach skin, green eyes, black hair, a green, brown and purple shirt, white pants, and green boots.

In her neathian form, she has pinkish-purple skin and bug-like green eyes. She wears a white and yellow dress.

Personality Edit

Floria is a friendly girl with a humble demeanor despite being the heir to the neathian throne and she greatly cares for her family, people, and friends. She, like her godfather, adores dangos, and can usually be seen eating some.

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