Izi Komaeda-Hinata

Ultimate Veterinarian

Prince Izi

Izi Komaeda-Hinata is the son of Lori and Izuru Kamukura (who was in control of Hajime's body at the time). He is the older twin brother of Lapis Komaeda-Hinata, and the younger half-brother of Nagira Komaeda-Hinata, Hajiko Komaeda-Hinata, and Naozumi Komaeda-Hinata. His partner is a haos/ventus Monodranoid.

Personal info Edit

Gender: Male

Race: Half-Human, Half-Vestal

Age: 3 months

Birthplace: Jabberwock Island

Hair color: Black with crimson tips

Eye color: Red

Skin color: Peach

Blood type: AB

Nationality: Japanese


Veterinarian (when older)



Remnants of Despair

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Vestal Royal Family

Attribute(s) used by this brawler: Haos/Ventus


Lori (mother)

Izuru Kamukura (father)

Lapis Komaeda-Hinata (younger twin sister)

Hajime Hinata (step-father)

Hajiko Komaeda-Hinata (half-sister)

Nagito Komeada (step-father)

Nagira Komaeda-Hinata (half-sister)

Naozumi Komaeda-Hinata (half-brother)

Hope (maternal aunt)

Vincent (cousin)

Rosalia (cousin)

Jasper (cousin)

Axel (maternal uncle)

Hydron (maternal grandfather)

Era (maternal grandmother)

Zenoheld (maternal great-grandfather) †

Unnamed Maternal Great-Grandmother †

Haos/Ventus Monodranoid (bakugan partner)

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