Super High School Level Bakugan Brawler Lori

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Princess Lori

Lori Komaeda-Hinata

Big sister

My Hope (by Nagito)

Ultimate Bakugan Brawler

Ultimate Despair (formerly)

Remnant of Despair

Lori is the daughter of king Hydron and queen Era, and the older sister of Hope and Axel. She is the wife of Nagito Komaeda and Hajime Hinata and the mother of Nagira Komaeda-Hinata, Hajiko Komaeda-Hinata, Naozumi Komaeda-Hinata, Izi Komaeda-Hinata and Lapis Komaeda-Hinata. She is partnered with darkus Anubia.

Personal info Edit

Gender: Female

Race: Vestal


9 (child)

16 (teen)

Brithplace: Vestal

Hair color: Crimson

Eye color: Royal purple

Skin color: Peach

Blood type: B


Crown princess (formerly; given to her sister)



Vestal Royal Family

Ultimate Despair (formerly)

Remnants of Despair

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Attribute(s) used by this brawler: Darkus

Bakugan world rank: 19th


Hydron (father)

Era (mother)

Nagito Komaeda (husband)

Hajime Hinata (husband)

Nagira Komaeda-Hinata (daughter)

Hajiko Komaeda-Hinata (daughter)

Naozumi Komaeda-Hinata (son)

Izi Komaeda-Hinata (son)

Lapis Komaeda-Hinata (daughter)

Hope (sister)

Vincent (nephew)

Rosalia (niece)

Jasper (nephew)

Axel (brother)

Zenoheld (paternal grandfather) †

Unnamed paternal grandmother †

Darkus Anubia (bakugan partner)

Personality Edit

As a child Lori was a sweet, gentle girl who loved her family, friends and people, and didn't have a mean bone in her body and believed all life is precious. She also has a verble tic where she added '-nii' or '-nee' to her older friends names which carried on to her teen and adult years.

After going to Hope's Peak and being brainwashed by Junko, she became a sadistic, cruel person who was willing to do anything in the name of depair. Even take the lives of innocents. She also treated Nagito as her 'pet'. She had also replaced her right arm with Junko's, which was later replaced with a skin colored mechanical arm.

After being freed from Junko's brainwashing, she reverted to her previously kind personality, if still a little bit crazy. The trauma caused by the experience, however, caused her to lose confidence in herself to be a good queen to her people and she passed her right to the throne off to her younger sister, though she still retains the privileges of a royal.

She dearly loves her children and husbands, though her father isn't as accepting of her having two men in her life, but he still loves his eldest daughter and grandchildren. While she is a loving and rather dotting mother, she tends to get a little annoyed by her oldest daughter's mentality that those without talent are worthless and tries to convince her otherwise, with no success.

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