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Raging Lioness

Miora-Swama (by Sanji)

Miora Vinsmoke

Miora is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates and acts as their sentry and artist. She is the wife of Sanji Vinsmoke and mother of Purvis Vinsmoke and Fumiko Vinsmoke.

Personal info Edit

Gender: Female

Race: Human


17 (pre time skip)

19 (post time skip)

Birthplace: Unknown island, grand line

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: Brown

Skin color: Tan

Blood type: B

Occupation: Pirate

Affiliation: Straw Hat Pirates

Devil Fruit: Cat-Cat Fruit, Model: Lioness

Type: Zoan

Bounty: 160 million berries


Sanji Vinsmoke (husband)

Purvis Vinsmoke (son)

Fumiko Vinsmoke (daughter)

Unborn child

Zeff (adoptive father-in-law)

Reiju Vinsmoke (sister-in-law)

Yukari Vinsmoke (niece)

Winter Vinsmoke (niece)

Ichiji Vinsmoke (brother-in-law)

Akihiko Vinsmoke (nephew)

Niji Vinsmoke (brother-in-law)

Luka Volan (nephew)

Louis Gehabich (nephew)

Anastasia Volan (adoptive niece)

Tamar Gehabich (niece)

Yonji Vinsmoke (brother-in-law)

Natalia Vinsmoke (niece)

Judge Vinsmoke (father-in-law)

Sora Vinsmoke (mother-in-law) †

Personality Edit

Miora is an amnesiac young woman who, like her husband, is a major perv towards attractive members of the opposite sex, but mostly towards Sanji and is very possessive of him. She hates people who try to take her man away from her, and when she found out Pudding's plan to kill him during their wedding, she desperately wanted to maul the brunette to death. She's also not afraid to show her affection to him in public.

She dearly loves her children, and won't tolerate someone messing with them, and if someone comes anywhere near them with the intent to harm them, she with make them regret it.

She's very hostile to anyone she doesn't know well and extremely protective to those she cares about, such as the Straw Hats and won't hesitate to fight anyone who threatens them.