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Samuel 'Sam' Kuso is the son of Dan Kuso and Runo Misaki, who was accidently sent to an alternate earth filled with humans and ghouls (it's slightly different from the canon Tokyo Ghoul world in which Kaneki is my friend's female version of him with an Ukaku kagune: Monet Kaneki) where he was turned into a half-ghoul and befriended the ghouls of Haibu, including his future wife: Yoshiro Tsuzuki. He is the father of Yosuke Kuso and Shiriko Kuso. He is known to the CCG as 'Dragon'.

Personal info Edit

Gender: Male


Human (formerly)

Half-Human, Half-Ghoul


15 (before he vanished)

18 (when he returned home)

Birthplace: Earth

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Green

Skin color: Peach

Blood type: O

Nationality: Japanese

Rc type: Bikaku

Rating: A

Occupation: Waiter


Bakugan Battle Brawlers


Attribute(s) used by this brawler: Haos


Dan Kuso (father)

Runo Kuso (mother)

Yoshiro Tsuzuki (wife)

Yosuke Kuso (son)

Shiriko Kuso (daughter)

Miyoko Kuso (paternal grandmother)

Shinjiro Kuso (paternal grandfather)

Saki Misaki (maternal grandmother)

Tatsuo Misaki (maternal grandfather)

Haos Aerogan (bakugan partner)

Dracimon (digimon partner, Tanzinite-Pony's digimon oc)

Personality Edit

Sam is a kindhearted and somewhat shy young man with a big heart and would do anything to help his friends or those in need, he is also far more calmer than his parents. However, ending up in the Tokyo Ghoul world and his transformation caused him great distress and confusion at first due to not understanding what was happening and refused to eat human flesh after learning what he was turned into.

After meeting his new friends, he slowly grew to accept his new hybrid status but still refused to kill humans for food and prefers to feed on those who have committed suicide. He also keeps his ghoul activity to the ghoul world.

After his time spent in the ghoul world, he became more desensitized to blood and death, and became far more distant to those he is unfamiliar with or he doesn't trust and is a bit more cynical than before. His kind personality remained though.

He was born with a genetic defect that caused him to be born mute, which he didn't mind, but after his transformation into a human/ghoul hybrid, he gained the ability to speak. But he still prefers sign language as his primary method of communication.

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