Sora Krawler 4

Sora Krawler is the son of Ren Krawler and Cyber Krawler, and one of the only two remaining descendants of the Protectors of the Dark Bakugan. He is partnered with darkus Glotronoid.

Personal info Edit

Gender: Male

Race: Gundalian

Age: 18

Birthplace: Gundalia

Hair color: White

Eye color: Dark brown

Skin color:

Tan (human form)

Grey (gundalian form)

Blood type: O


High schooler

Gundalian soldier-in-training


Bakugan battle brawlers




New Vestroia


Bakugan battle brawlers

Gundalian army

Attribute(s) used by this brawler: Darkus

Bakugan world rank: 17th


Ren Krawler (father)

Cyber Krawler (mother)

Digramon (digimon partner, Tanzanite-Pony's digimon oc)

Darkus Glotronoid (Bakugan Partner)

Appearance Edit

In human form, Sora is a young man with white hair that is short in the back and long in the front, light brown skin, dark brown eyes, and pointed ears. He wears a purple shirt that has a yellow collar, white pants, grey socks, and white shoes.

In his true form, he has grey skin with grayish-blue markings, a bone/horn-like plate on his forehead, and the same bone-like plates on his hips and shoulders.

Personality Edit

Sora is a good natured, even tempered young man who dearly loves his friends and family. While he is a good guy, he fails to see what makes Linehalt so different from other bakugan, having grown up around him, and hates that people drove the dark bakugan and his ancestors underground.