Tamar Gehabich 2

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Tamar Vinsmoke

Tamar Gehabich-Volan (legal name)

Tamar Gehabich is the daughter of Stella Gehabich-Volan and Niji Vinsmoke and the younger sister of Luka Volan, Louis Gehabich, and Anastasia Volan. She is partnered with an aquos version of her grandfather's partner, Altair.

Personal info Edit

Gender: Female

Race: Two thirds Human, One third Vestal

Age: 9

Birthplace: Earth

Hair color: Orange and blue

Eye color: Brown

Skin color: Peach

Blood type: O-

Nationality: Russian

Attribute(s) used by this brawler: Aquos

Occupation: Elementary Schooler


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Straw Hat Pirates


Stella Gehabich-Volan (mother)

Niji Vinsmoke (father)

Luka Volan (brother)

Louis Gehabich (brother)

Anastasia Volan (adoptive sister)

Alice Gehabich (maternal grandmother)

Lync Volan (maternal grandfather)

Ben Gehabich (granduncle)

Clara Gehabich (grandaunt)

Michael Gehabich (maternal great-great-grandfather) †

Reiju Vinsmoke (paternal aunt)

Yukari Vinsmoke (cousin)

Winter Vinsmoke (cousin)

Ichiji Vinsmoke (paternal uncle)

Akihiko Vinsmoke (cousin)

Sanji Vinsmoke (paternal uncle)

Miora (aunt)

Purvis Vinsmoke (cousin)

Fumiko Vinsmoke (cousin)

Unborn cousin

Yonji Vinsmoke (paternal uncle)

Natalia Vinsmoke (cousin)

Judge Vinsmoke (paternal grandfather)

Sora Vinsmoke (paternal grandmother) †

Aquos Altair (bakugan partner)