Yukari Vinsmoke 4

Yukari Vinsmoke is the daughter of Reiju Vinsmoke and an unnamed Three Eye Tribe member, and the older sister of Winter Vinsmoke.

Personal info Edit

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Human, Half-Three Eye Tribe member

Age: 17

Birthplace: Unnamed island, New World

Hair color: Pink

Eye color: Blue

Skin color: Peach

Blood type: B

Affiliation: Straw Hat Pirates


Reiju Vinsmoke (mother)

Unnamed father

Winter Vinsmoke (sister)

Ichiji Vinsmoke (maternal uncle)

Akihiko Vinsmoke (cousin)

Niji Vinsmoke (maternal uncle)

Stella Gehabich-Volan (aunt)

Luka Volan (cousin)

Louis Gehabich (cousin)

Anastasia Volan (adoptive cousin)

Tamar Gehabich (cousin)

Sanji Vinsmoke (maternal uncle)

Miora (aunt)

Purvis Vinsmoke (cousin)

Fumiko Vinsmoke (cousin)

Unborn cousin

Yonji Vinsmoke (maternal uncle)

Natalia Vinsmoke (cousin)

Judge Vinsmoke (maternal grandfather)

Sora Vinsmoke (maternal grandmother) †

Special ability(s): Able to hear the Voices of All Things

Gallery Edit

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